Volume 30 Number 2 June 2012

Update on Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema
Larisa V. Buyantseva, Niti Sardana, Timothy J Craig


Convenient, rapid and economic detection and semi-quantification of American cockroach allergen in the environment
Anchalee Tungtrongchitr, Nitat Sookrung, Wanpen Chaicumpa, Nitaya Indrawattana, Rotjana Poolphol, Nawannaporn Sae-Lim, Supaluk Wankhom, Chaweewan Bunnag, Pakit Vichyanond
Antigen-specific activities of CD8T cells in the nasal mucosa of patients with nasal allergy
Shuqi Qiu, Xiaobei Duan, Xiaorui Geng, Jianxiong Xie, Han Gao
Non-mitogen containing conditioned medium for hybridoma production and single cell cloning
Napaporn Apiratmateekul, Supansa Pata, Sawitree Chiampanichayakul, Watchara Kasinrerk
The use of acridine orange and glutaraldehyde-fixed chicken red blood cells for absolute counting of residual white blood cells in leuco-depleted packed red blood cells
Egarit Noulsri, Surada Lerdwana, Kovit Pattanapanyasat
Comparison of leukotriene receptor antagonists in addition to inhaled corticosteroid and inhaled corticosteroid alone in the treatment of adolescents and adults with bronchial asthma: a meta-analysis
Yong Cao, Jianmiao Wang, Hansvin Bunjhoo, Min Xie, Yongjian Xu, Huijuan Fang
Enhancement of Clara cell 10-kD protein (CC10) production from nasal epithelial cells by fexofenadine hydrochloride
Taketoshi Nogaki, Kazuhito Asano, Atsuko Furuta, Ken-ichi Kanai, Isao Suzaki, Ayako Kanei, Harumi Suzaki
Pediatric acute and chronic rhinosinusitis: comparison of clinical characteristics and outcome of treatment
Orapan Poachanukoon, Sira Nanthapisal, Utairat Chaumrattanakul
Prevalence and risk factor for symptomatic avascular necrosis development in Thai systemic lupus erythematosus patients
Wichak Kunyakham, Chingching Foocharoen, Ajanee Mahakkanukrauh,Siraphop Suwannaroj, Ratanavadee Nanagar
Comparison of irritatant reactions between using lyophilized and commercial food allergen extracts in atopy patch tests in a normal population
Onsuree Boonyaviwat, Punchama Pacharn, Orathai Piboonpocanun, Pakit Vichyanond, Nualanong Visitsunthorn

Successful desensitization with un-fractionated heparin in a patient with heparin allergy and tolerance to fondaparinux
Ayse Baccioglu Kavut, Ebru Koca
Anaphylaxis Induced by Lentil Inhalation
Kaya Ayşenur, Ayşegül Akan, Erkoçoğlu Mustafa, Toyran Müge, and Can Naci Kocabaş